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Knights of Columbus

We make and bake the pies for the annual Tuscola County Pumpkin Festival
Starting in 1981 pumpkin pies were sold to cover the cost of theses activities. At first 100 pies were made and sold by a local bakery but soon the demand for the pumpkin pies out grew the supply. Under the direction of PGK Patrick Boylan (deceased), the Caro Knights of Columbus Council #3224 volunteered to bake these pies and a new tradition was soon born. Over a three and a half day period, close to 100 Knights of Columbus members and many other volunteers work together to make 5000 pies. These pies are sold by the Pumpkin Festival to cover festival cost so the community can enjoy all of this at no charge.
Caro Council #3224 has 4 ovens which can bake 30 pies in each, so a span of an hour and a half we can make 120 pies. Ingredients needed to make 5000 pies include 680 dozen eggs, 625 #10 cans of pumpkin, 1400 lbs of white sugar, 470 lbs of brown sugar, 215 gallons of white milk and 167 gallons of evaporated milk. Not to mention the 5000 pie shells.
The Caro Knights of Columbus works in partnership with local recycling facilities to recycle all paper, plastic, tin and cardboard containers.